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FILA Philippines

Maricris Abad Santos Albert, more known as Cris Albert, is the current President and CEO of Fila Philippines, Isport Life Inc. and Athlete’s Gym & Dive. She is also the owner and founder of MA Holdings Inc. She graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and came into Fila as the marketing manager in 1992. Eventually, she became the president in 2007. She has been managing Fila Isport, Inc. and Athletes Gym & Dive for over 15 years.

Early Life

Cris Albert grew up surrounded in the fashion industry. Her mother, Wanda Louwallien, was a former supermodel and show choreographer. As early as 8 years old, she would watch her mother’s shows when she was still modeling at the Hyatt. She would also attend luncheon shows when her mother started directing shows. Growing up in the industry gave her a lot of ideas and taught her about fabrics, colors, textures and composition.

Being exposed to the industry, Cris realized she did not want to become a model but at times would do some advertorials, print ads, and TV commercials. Her mother was strict and knew that a career in modeling does not last long and is not always financially reliable. Because of this, modeling became a hobby for Cris but not her career. This is when she would venture out into the world of marketing and later on management.


Cris spent her grade school and high school days in St. Scholastica’s College. She is considered a notable alumna by the school. Moving forward, she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing with her major in Advertising from Assumption College Makati, Philippines and took her post graduate course at INSEAD, France. She is currently taking a Diploma Course in OPM at Harvard University. Cris Albert also took her Masters Degree in Management, an Advanced Entrepreneurial Finance course and an ongoing study for a Masters Degree in Marketing Research, all under the supervision of Dr. Ned Roberto. She also took a Diploma Course on Brand Positioning, Segmentation, Brand Equity and Price Strategy.

FILA Philippines

Isport Life Inc.

FILA Philippines

Isport Life, Incorporated in 2001, is the sole distributor and licensee of FILA products in the Philippines. Having full control of the license, the company is able to customize the products based on what the market wants. This business model differentiates the company from its competition and has paved the way for their success. They are considered to be within the top sports footwear retailers in the country and are currently present in 320 department stores and retail stores combined. Isport life has seen an average growth of 22.6% in the last five years; placing it as 3 rd amongst FILA’s licensees in the whole international market for overall growth. Within the last 5 years her management has led to the introduction of new stores, five new brands (Outdoor, Everest, Tiva, Freestyle and FILA Kids), and the expansion of their current product lines within their existing brands. Throughout 2013 alone, Isport Life has successfully opened a total of 61 new stores; 32 solely designated for brands that were launched early in 2012 (FILA Tiva, FILA Outdoor, and FILA Everest). Isport has also released more than 1,250 new designs between their current brands, and 100 designs for their new brands FILA Kids and Freestyle. In 2012, FILA total sales in Metro Manila accounted for 20% of the total market share. This market included competition from Sketchers, Nike, Adidas, Converse and Merrel. From 2012 to 2013 the average market growth of the large competitors was seen at 16% whereas FILA facilitated the 36% increase across the total market.

Awards of the Company

  • Most admired company and brand; 1st in athletic gear (2005 – 2006)
  • Philippines Business excellence; 1st in athletic gear (2005)
  • National product quality of excellence award (2005)
  • Awards of Recognition; Scaling new heights (2005)
  • National shoppers choice awards (2005 – 2006)
  • Pillar awards for marketing excellence (2007)
  • Ayala merchants award; Marketing excellence for value (2006)
  • Global quality awards for consumer excellence; Most Outstanding Sports Apparel (2007 – 2008)
  • Philippine marketing excellence awards (2007)
  • Dangal ng Bayan awards for product and service excellence (2008)
  • Best Athletic Gear Brand (National award, 2005)
  • Most Outstanding Footwear Brand (2010)
  • Most Outstanding Sports Retail Company (2013)

Philanthropic Endeavors

  • Isportlife Ministry (fully subsidized by FILA Isport Inc.)
  • Operation Compassion (fully subsidized by FILA Isport Inc.)
    • iFoster
    • iRebuild
  • Active partner of Child Protection Network (Ministry of Philippine Tatler Inc.)
  • Christ the Living Work


  • Best dressed for cancer society (2010)
  • Manila’s best dressed (2006 – 2013)
  • Top 10 Most beautiful women by Mega Magazine (2009)
  • Woman of Style and Substance (2013)
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