Shower in a Can

Size Guide
FILA Shower in a Can is a disinfectant Spray that comes in 100ml aluminum bottle. It is your on the shower in can!

Below are the ingredients list with function for Shower in a can

Ethyl Alcohol - Active
Water - Vehicle
Propylene Glycol - for moisture retention
Panthenol - Moisturizer
Fragrance - Scent

It is also "non-drying" because of Panthenol, the moisturizer in the formulation.

Basically this is a Disinfectant Spray so that when you're outside and have no access to shower or at least not yet, you can spray this on yourself to freshen up and kill viruses and bacteria. It can be used before going inside your car after you've been in a place with many people/interactions, before entering your homes, after gym and have no time or access to shower.
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